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Student Research Opportunities

–– We are currently seeking bright, hard-working Ph.D.,
M.S., and undergraduate students for involvement in this project ––

Please note that because this is a special NSF project focused on education as well as research, 
we can only support US citizen and permanent residents.

For further information about specific opportunities, please contact:


Dr. Mike Steckler
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Columbia University    Palisades, NY
Email: steckler at

Prof. Steven Goodbred
Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Vanderbilt University    Nashville, TN
Email: steven.goodbred at

Dr. Chris Paola
Dept. of Geology & Geophysics
Univ. of Minnesota   Minneapolis, MN
Email: cpaola at

Dr. Cecilia McHugh
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Queens College, City University of New York
Email: cecilia.mchugh at

For more information on Queens College opportunities click here.