Photo Slideshows and Video clips:

Compaction Meter Installation

Field photos from Sylhet, Bangladesh and Meghalaya, India.

Field Photos:
Ellie, Ananya, Bhabani, Nano and Humayun in Meghalaya, India.

Tired and wet geologist crossing the Tymshun River near India-Bangladesh border.

A fisherman riding rapids on bamboo along the Bagra River.

Nano Seeber observing one of the deeply incised valleys that cut through the Shillong Plateau in Meghalaya, India

The Lyngiong River on top of the Plateau flows through a broad, meandering river valley. 

Professor Humayun Akhter conducts fieldwork by rickshaw near Birishiri, Bangladesh.

Installation of compaction meters (nests of 6 wells and a GPS pillar)

Bamboo drill rigs at the compaction site at Jamaganj, Sylhet (Bangladesh)

Michael Steckler and Scott Nooner survey from the GPS monument to the compaction wells at Jamalganj, Sylhet.

One geologist illustrates that mud comes with the territory as he slips into the pool of bentonite mud that is used as drilling lubricant. Fortunately, no injuries!

Bamboo drill rig at the second compaction site in Bhandarkote, Khulna (Bangladesh).

Pulling out drill pipe at well in Khulna

Movie of drilling team in Bangladesh pulling the steel drill pipe out
of 300 m deep well at Khulna compaction meter site at the end of drilling.  
The accomplish this by having 15 people jump off the bamboo drill rig
onto a rope attached to drill pipe by pulley.  An additional team member prevents
 the pipe from slipping back using a chain wrench.  Two others use a hand pump
 to keep circulation going in the well. The chanting helps coordinate the team.
 They continued this for ~4 hours until they had removed all 50 of the 20 foot-long pipes.